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The 4 Best Things to Do in Itea


Paragliding Kassoutsa Agency


Fokida because of its geomorphology, constitutes an ideal destination for paragliding.
The co-existence of such massif mountains and the sea, create excellent conditions for gliding and it is this combination that provides the pilots with a diversity of landscapes and images of incomparable beauty, as the flight over the Fokida mountains yields a constant view of the Corinthian Gulf. Starting from different points of take–off, gives one the opportunity to admire different aspects of natural scenery. Along with our experienced English spoken trainer/escort (a Greek champion) you can have a minimum 20-minute ride and you can:

  • Enjoy the view of the mountainous archaeological site of Delfi.
  • Comprehend the uniqueness of our olive grove since it is the largest adjacent orchard in our country with more than 1.200.000 ancient trees.
  • Have a full view of our town and gulf.

Because we have to take advantage of updraft wind and temperature, this cannot be done on any time of day.

Scheduled Hours: 10:00-20:00 and always 24 hours notice in advance.

Trekking Kassoutsa Agency



Ride in the heart of the ancient olive grove Our ride will start in the archaeological site of Delphi at the temple of Athena Pronaia.

Very soon we will enter in the heart of the Crisaean field olive grove and will encounter the little chapel of St George with it typically Greek high cypresses. We will enjoy the unique scenery noticing the silver-green foliage of the olive trees changing colors depending on the time of the day, and admire the naturally carved trunks of hundred-year-old trees. Arriving at Plistos riverbed we will have a stop near a traditional stone fountain in the refreshing shade of a large plane tree. There we can savor a traditional pick nick and discover together the taste of different sorts of olives. If we feel tired we can stop there otherwise we can continue our ride to seaside Itea for 5 more kilometers.

The total distance we will ride is 15 or 20 km with 570 m of height difference. We will follow smooth downhill rural roads. This program is suitable for everyone who rides a bike and wish to discover the beauty of the famous ancient olive grove.

  • Period of operation: Through out the year
  • Duration : 2 hours ride - 3 hours with transfer
  • Level requirements : Basic Physical Condition

What to bring: Comfortable clothing, light sport shoes, hut, sunglasses, sun cream, waterproof jacket, a liter of water. Includes : English speaking Guide
Local transfer (from the ending point back to Delphi).
Traditional picnic (optional).


If sea means more to you than splashing around and sunbathing and you love diving and snorkeling, or even wish to make a start in calm waters, then it worths the trouble to discover the hidden magic of our waters and its submarine life.
The impressive morphology of the seabed along with its submarine abundance, will offer you an amazing experience in the sea regions of Makranikolas, Itea and a little bit far away from Galaxidi.

Our certified teachers/guides are trainers of PADI & SSI and possess the necessary equipment for you to enjoy reef diving, night diving, cave diving, deep diving, snorkeling.
The minimum hour that we need is about 1 and a half to 2 hours & need 24 hours notice.

Bee Kassoutsa Agency


Our region for some people is the centre of the earth, but for others, few actually, is the centre of a different kingdom. That of the bees and this is a very well kept secret. The bees very wisely chose our place because they find in a very short distance plenty land of thyme and plenty land of fir, the most known and nice flavours of honey.

Do you want to learn everything about these small tireless workers?

Then why not to live the experience! Two young men between the almost 200 beekeepers of our area, created a very beautiful place, in the nature, among the olive trees, very close to Itea but far from human activities and invite you to be dressed like a beekeeper in to enter to this kingdom, to introduce you to the queen, to learn the whole process of this unique perfect creation This is not a museum or exhibition. You can watch, learn taste and enjoy the Greek countryside.

Few restrictions:
  • Bad weather condition
  • Closed shoes
  • Unforeseen circumstances
  • Bee sting allergy
  • At least 6 hours earlier
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