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Is a picturesque provincial town built on the south slopes of Parnassos Mountain with the clarity of the atmosphere always secured. The Cretans maintained a colony here, while the Thracians settled in the region too, about 3.200 years ago. During the 1821 revolution, the victory won by G. Karaiskakis across the church of St. George, with only 300 men against 2000 Turks, has passed into legend. This unexpected victory was attributed to the decisive intervention of St. George.
The locals were always hard-working, cultivated premium quality agricultural and livestock farming products. From 1960 once the ski resort opened its gates , the majority of business was based on tourism, but they still produce Parnassos ‘’Feta’’ cheese, dairy products, exclusively traditional ‘’Formaela’’ cheese, good quality dry black Arachova wine and traditional dried pasta. The woven textiles and embroidery work of Arachova are equally famous which can admire into the Folk Art Museum.

What you can do in Arachova:
  • Taste excellent traditional food, relax in cozy cafes, purchase local products, enjoy skiing, beautiful hotels to stay in, scroll around the picturesque quarters of the village.
  • Visit the Folk Art Museum.
  • The Mini Festival of St. George: On April 23rd or on the 2nd day of Easter (if April 23rd coincides before Easter) tourists will have the chance to enjoy a traditional festivity held over a three-day period which all residents wear their traditional costumes celebrating the victory against the Turks.
  • The Parnassos Valley: Driving from Arachova to Parnassos Ski Resort, at an altitude of 1100 metres, stands the mountain livestock farming village of Kalyvia which was very speedily rebuilt -due to the great rise in tourism observed in the region- with winter chalets, restaurants and ski equipment stores.
  • Parnassos Ski Resort: Skiing or Hiking?
    Three ski centers, the oldest one being in operation since 1967, at an altitude ranging from 1600 up to 2300 meters, offering approximately 20 ski slopes of all difficulty levels, alpine routes designed for cross-country skiing, snowboard and night-skiing events. For the hiking lovers, Parnassos constitutes a challenge. Mountain tracks, forest trails, routes which lead to the mountain peals or other areas of interest (archaeological sites, caves, places of natural beauty).
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