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Where Parnassos Mountain meets the sea at the Bay of Corinth lies the town of Itea. Although the surrounding region has been known since antiguity, the town is considered new. Its birth certificate was issued in 1830, when the Governor of the newly-formed Greek state, Ioannis Kapodistrias, issues a decree ordering the establishment of a settlement at this location. It is said that the only willow tree (Itia) which used to stand at the site for many centuries gave its name to the newly-founded town.
What catches one’s attention in Itea is the town plan, wide road networks, ample pavements, lush green squares, few but beautiful manors of the 19th century scattered around the town. The main road is leading directly to the beach or the harbor, as Itea is a commercial and tourist port, and finally to the marina which has capacity to dock 250 marine vessels.
To the east of Itea, the excavation have confirmed the existence of ancient Kirra, the ancient Port of Delphi. It is said that it was destroyed by a major earthquake in 749 A.D. The endless strip of coastline connecting Itea to Kirra is lined with tavernas, mezedopoleia and cafes. One way or another, the tourist facilities of the town are of such a high standard, that they will satisfy all categories of visitors with numerous hotels and services.
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