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Continuing to the west along Itea bay, we come across the picturesque town of Galaxidi. Although the first recorder reference is dated to the period between 6th to 9th centuries A.D., Galaxidi begins to flourish, in the sector of marine trade, becoming one of the most frequented Greek harbors by the 18th century. After the Revolution of 1821, it embarks on a golden age with the town’s shipyards working at a feverish pace. However, the advent of the 20th century, as the ocean-going sailing vessels were replaced by steamed ones, finds the Galaxidi ship owners unready to follow and its inhabitants seeking their fortunes by emigrating to new homelands.
Galaxidi has been designated a listed traditional settlement with its history, its narrow paved aleys, characteristic manors, and imposing villas with their elegant crests and pretty pebbled courtyards. Along the main port there are a lot of tavernas, of good quality which serve the town’s local specialties. Most of the establishments offering accommodation, are housed in old, converted manors which have been tastefully renovated.
Points of interest:
  • The Church of St. Nikolas: The real jewel of the church is its reknowned iconostasis, a veritable masterpiece of wood-carving art of the 19th century, which depicts scenes and acts from the Old and New Testament and belongs to the Baroque school of Art.
  • The Church of Saint Paraskevi: A very old church with old icons and wood-carved iconostasis dating to 1847. The most interesting thing is found on the church floor. In 1911 a sea-captain and astronomy adept carved on its stone the zodiac cycle with the twelve months of the year and the symbols for each zodiac sign, creating a sun calendar, exhibiting a high level accuracy and craftsmanship. Every day at 12:00 noon time a shaft of light enters the church through a roundshaped opening in the roof and falls on the respective calendar marking on the sun calendar. Also, there is a sundial at the external section of the main entrance.
  • Galaxidi Naval & Historical Museum.
  • Galaxidi Folk Art Museum: Interesting collections of local costumes, tools, furniture and decorative items housed in an old manor
Map of Interests

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